Advantages of Studying Nursing in Australia

Advantages of Studying Nursing in Australia

Nursing is not just a highly respected profession; it’s a career that offers fantastic benefits and a wide range of transferable skills. As a nurse, you’ll make a real impact in healthcare, providing hope and care to patients while enjoying job stability. It’s also one of the highest-paying careers in Australia.

Australia stands out as one of the top study destinations for international students, boasting over 1,000 institutions and cutting-edge infrastructure. The Australian education system continuously updates its courses with input from industry experts, ensuring students are always learning the latest in their field.

With five of the world’s top 100 universities located in Australia, it’s an excellent choice for those wanting to study health and related fields.

Overview: Top Reasons and Opportunities

Nursing education today is widely respected because it leads to careers that fulfill the essential need for care and empathy in healthcare. If you’re looking for a profession that not only builds a solid career but also offers the satisfaction of helping others, nursing is a fantastic option.

In Australia, nursing education is top-notch, with options for Diplomas, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Graduates find job opportunities at various levels based on their qualifications and have plenty of room for further studies. Here are some compelling reasons to study nursing in Australia.

Benefits of Studying Nursing in Australia

  • Top Ranked Universities

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities, many of which offer exceptional nursing programs. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, the following institutions are top choices for nursing students:

  • The University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • The University of Technology Sydney
  • Griffith University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Deakin University
  • The University of Newcastle
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Numerous scholarships are available for international nursing students in Australia. Funded by universities, private organizations, and professional associations, these scholarships can cover 15% to 30% of tuition fees. Eligibility typically depends on your academic performance and the specific guidelines of the university.

  • High Paying Jobs

One of the significant advantages of studying and working as a nurse in Australia is the high salary. According to Health Times, nurses in Australia can earn up to $73,000 annually, significantly more than the average salary for nurses in many other countries.

  • A Cosmopolitan Experience

Australia is a top destination for international students and skilled immigrants, creating a rich and diverse cultural landscape. Alongside its multicultural cities, Australia offers stunning natural beauty and vibrant urban environments, making it an attractive place to live and study.

  • Permanent Residency Opportunities

Nursing is one of the professions listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List (SOL), making it easier for nurses to gain permanent residency (PR). Depending on your skills, degree, and work experience, you have several PR pathways.

International nursing students can apply for the Skilled Independent Subclass Visa 189. Additionally, if your employer offers you a minimum annual salary of $53,900, you can obtain a four-year temporary visa, with the possibility of applying for citizenship after 4-6 years as a permanent resident.

  • Nursing Education with Advanced Technology

Australia’s nursing education system is at the forefront of innovation, continually adapting to integrate the latest healthcare technologies. This dynamic learning environment fosters creativity and independence, positioning Australia as a leader in advanced nursing theories and practices. Students gain the skills needed to develop and implement cutting-edge care models, responding to the ever-evolving demands of modern healthcare.

As a graduate, you’ll emerge as a clinically proficient professional capable of driving innovative approaches within the established frameworks of Advanced Nursing Practice, ready to make a significant impact in the healthcare field.

  • Quality Living and a Safe Society

Australia offers a high standard of living and is renowned for its safety. Major cities like Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane consistently rank among the safest globally, making Australia a welcoming and secure place to live.

The country’s strong economy, excellent job prospects for nurses, high health standards, environmental quality, and overall security contribute to its appeal as a desirable destination for both living and working.

  • Flexible Work Schedules

Nursing in Australia offers flexible working hours that cater to various lifestyles without compromising on job security, income, or career opportunities. Given that nursing is a 24-hour profession, you can choose to work night shifts, day shifts, or weekends, allowing for a schedule that suits your personal needs.

This flexibility is especially beneficial for those pursuing graduate degrees or additional qualifications, enabling them to balance work and further education effectively.

Nursing Programs Available in Australia for International Students

  • Nursing Diploma

This program allows international students to earn a diploma in nursing over two years.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing equips students with the essential skills and knowledge to become registered, practicing nurses in Australia.

  • Master’s Degree in Nursing

To enroll in a postgraduate nursing program, students must hold a recognized undergraduate degree in nursing.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)

This program is designed for graduates from non-nursing fields who wish to transition into nursing. As a second bachelor’s degree, it spans two years and provides the necessary training to become a registered nurse.

Unique Advantages of Pursuing a Nursing Career in Australia

  • Constant Variety and Excitement:

In nursing, monotony is rare. Each day presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, offering nurses the chance to explore new areas, engage with different aspects of healthcare, and impart knowledge to others.

This dynamic environment ensures that there is always something new and stimulating to experience.

  • Respected and Trusted Professionals:

Nurses hold a special place in society, consistently ranked as some of the most trustworthy, ethical, and honest professionals. Their role is vital, not only to patients but also within the broader healthcare system where even doctors rely on their expertise.

This high level of respect underscores the critical importance of nurses and the deep appreciation from patients and communities alike.

  • Endless Learning Opportunities:

The field of nursing is incredibly diverse, encompassing various aspects of human health and life. Nurses continually encounter new individuals and unique medical cases, providing ongoing opportunities for learning and professional growth.

This constant exposure to new information and experiences ensures that nurses are always expanding their knowledge and skills.

  • Personal and Professional Fulfillment:

Nursing is profoundly rewarding both personally and professionally. Nurses play a pivotal role in saving lives and aiding in the birth of new ones, often leaving a lasting impact on their patients’ lives. This sense of contribution and achievement makes nursing a deeply satisfying career.

Additionally, nursing offers numerous professional benefits, including competitive salaries and job stability, making it a lucrative and secure career choice.


Australia is a top destination for international students pursuing nursing courses, driven by a significant demand for healthcare professionals. With a projected shortage of 109,000 nurses by 2030, the country presents ample opportunities for nursing graduates.

To navigate the application process for nursing courses, students can turn to reputable education consultancies like GMQ Global.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth becoming a nurse in Australia?

Nursing positions rank among the most lucrative in Australia. Typically, a registered nurse earns an average of $42.45 per hour, totaling $82,770 annually. The pay makes it worth becoming a nurse in Australia.

What is the future of nursing in Australia?

The forecast for nursing workforce planning indicates a substantial gap between demand and supply in Australia over the medium to long term. By 2025, it’s anticipated that there will be a deficit of around 85,000 nurses, and by 2030, this shortfall could reach 123,000 nurses if current conditions persist.

Can nurses live comfortably in Australia?

American nurses contemplating relocation to Australia are frequently drawn to the country’s enticing combination of competitive salaries, excellent standard of living, and enviable quality of life.


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